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We're a modern twist on your classic neighborhood corner store. With a focus on US-based and Fair Trade Certified designers, manufacturers, and brands, we offer a carefully curated selection of modern and fun goods.

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  • David Rose Mug

    Exactly how I feel before I've had my coffee. 

    11 oz. white ceramic mug with original artwork of David from Schitt's Creek and the quote "I'm trying very hard not to connect with people right now."

  • Sunflower Garden In a Bag

    Complete kit containing everything you need to grow mini Sunflowers {Helianthus annuus} in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors, year-round, directly in the leak-proof bag. Named after the flower's resemblance to the sun, Helianthus is derived from two Greek words, helio sun and anthos flower. This mini-sunflower is a French dwarf variety that is easy to grow.

  • Books

    Check out our selection of books - we've got plenty for kids and adults!

  • Tea

    From Chai, Chocolate Mint, Ginger, and more, we've got all the tea you need to get you through the rest of Winter

  • Fern & Nettle Witch's Mask

    A gentle mask made with organic aloe, organic matcha green tea, French green clay, and white kaolin clay.

  • Watercolor Paint Pods

    Let your imagination run wild! Watercolor Paint Pods comes with 36 watercolors and a fine tipped paint brush all wrapped in an easy to carry reusable case.


Made in Wisconsin

Come check out our collection of locally made items - everything on this list is made right here in Wisconsin!

Notebooks, Planners, and Journals

Trying to get - and stay - organized? We got you covered!

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