Welcome to The Gallery at Elmside Goods!

We are a small, woman-owned art gallery located in Milton, WI. Interested in selling your work with us? Please review the requirements below. If you meet the requirements and would like to submit examples of your work, please use the "Artist Submissions" button.

Gallery Requirements

*Must live in either Wisconsin or Illinois

*You must have work available! If you are asked to show at the Gallery, we may want to get your work in here immediately

*Elmside Goods, like most art galleries large and small, has a 50/50 consignment rate. However, you, the artist, are in charge of setting the price of your work at a price point you think is appropriate

*We do not accept walk-in submissions. If you are in the shop, we are happy to answer your questions regarding submissions but all submissions must go through the form below

*Please know that we have limited space. If your work is a good fit but we simply do not have space at the moment, we may reach out at a later date

*We will do our best to respond as fast as we can but please give us a couple weeks to be in touch after you submit