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Sleeping Bear Press

Pirates Don't Dance Hardcover Picture Book

Pirates Don't Dance Hardcover Picture Book

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Jack longs to be a pirate. He loves everything about the job, from the peacefulness of the ocean to the opportunity to make new friends to the excitement of exotic travel. Jack also loves to dance, from the graceful glide of the glissade to the energetic leap of the grand jeté. In fact, Jack often dances as he does his pirate chores. Unfortunately, Captain Squinty Eye's number one pirate-ship rule is PIRATES DON'T DANCE. Dancing is too silly and not fitting for a pirate. What will it take for Jack to convince Captain Squinty Eye that dancing is not a bad thing, and may even help Jack be a better pirate? This is an empowering story about staying true to yourself and following your dreams. Includes additional information about dance movements and definitions of pirate speak.

Published in Ann Arbor, MI

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